Welcome to the Smart Droplets Knowledge Base!

Here you will find the Smart Droplet Academy's resources available on-demand.

The Smart Droplets Academy is an initiative designed to provide education and training on cutting-edge technologies with applications in the agricultural sector. The Academy is part of the Smart Droplets project, which aims to develop an intelligent spraying system for crops.

The Academy offers a variety of webinars and workshops that cover topics such as:

The webinars and workshops are designed for a wide audience, including students, farmers, researchers, and IT professionals. The instructors are experts from leading universities and research institutions.

The Academy’s goal is to empower stakeholders in the agri-food sector with the knowledge and skills they need to adopt new technologies and improve agricultural practices.

 Below you’ll find resources for the Academy courses, including short descriptions of each course, video lectures, presentations, and code notebooks with the code examples provided in the lectures.