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Smart Droplets Allied Data Providers


The consortium of Smart Droplets aims to develop a system that optimizes the use of pesticides and fertilizers through the use of artificial intelligence. To make sure that the technologies developed are relevant for farmers and our society. Smart Droplets is looking to identify volunteer farmers, that are interested in introducing smart technologies to their farm processes and joining the future of digital and more sustainable agriculture. 

What are allied data providers?

These farmer volunteers will be referred to as allied data providers, as they will be an important asset in the developmental process of the Smart Droplets solution. These allied data providers will become active members of the project’s community and will be engaged in various ways.

The first step in joining the community is to fill out our questionnaire. The quiatopnare is a way of expressing interest and can be found in different languages and is no a legally binding entity.


What is the next step?

For filling out the questionnaire the Smart Droplets team offers a reward program that entails multiple tiers, allowing access to various farmer benefits. This reward program is called the “Smart Droplets Reward Program.” The reward program’s tiers allow access to certain activities and outputs of the Smart Droplets project.

Fill out our questionnaire:

Smart Droplets Data contribution Reward Program

Tiers 3 and 1 are the lowest and highest tier, respectively.

Tier 3: Newsletter and Open Day

    Access to the smart droplets newsletter and smart droplets open day. The newsletter contains information about the activities and latest updates of the smart droplets project. The open day is an upcoming event that showcases the progress of the smart droplets project-developed solutions.

Tier 2: Standard analytics

    Access to standard analytics provided by the smart droplets team based on the received data. The analytics are outputs of AI tools developed within the smart droplets project.

Tier 1: Pilot tests and recommendation engine

    • Access to the pilots carried out by the smart droplets project on wheat in Lithuania and apples in Spain.

Opportunity to become an alpha tester of the agronomical recommendation engine based on reinforcement learning and digital twins.

How to increase my tier?

Stay in contact with the smart droplets team and provide gathered farm data throughout the project. The longer you stay, your tier will increase accordingly.